Recovered Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was only $ 25 cheaper than the new iPhone 7 -


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Friday, 2 June 2017

Recovered Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was only $ 25 cheaper than the new iPhone 7

Samsung from the start of the sale of remanufactured cartridges of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in the territory of South Korea. The version of the device with 64 gb of permanent storage cost $ 625, making only $ 25 cheaper than the new iPhone 7.

Rumors that the recovered Galaxy Note 7 model will be called Galaxy Note 7R, were not confirmed. They were knowledgeable of the reason, that affirmed that these smartphones will receive the console of FE (Fandom Edition).

Samsung Galaxy Note FE have appeared on sale in the version with 64 gb of permanent storage. It was expected that smartphones run Android 7.0, however, in the specifications said that as programming platform selected Android 6.0 marshmallow.

The battery capacity recovered from smartphones reduced up to 3200 m • h. The rest of characteristics remain the same as in the original model.

Recovered the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 model have received special label on the body, in which few people paid attention to this. It is the visible good of the letter R, which indicates the word of Refurbished.

At Samsung's disposal, about 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. Brave enough step with the return of the fields with danger of explosion of products, the company has gone for savings reasons. Otherwise, Samsung would have to pay a huge fine for environmental damage by decision of the South Korean authorities складированные reserves Galaxy Note 7 must be in the form prescribed by law recycle.

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