Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has to beat the iPhone 8 in the main -


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Monday, 12 June 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has to beat the iPhone 8 in the main

In the autumn of that year, the real war between Apple and Samsung exploded. The first prepares the announcement of its most important of its smartphone in honor of the iPhone's 10-year anniversary, and the second with all the forces of trying to humiliate a competitor.

As we know, the iPhone 7 retains the title of the productivity suite of its smartphone in the market - the 9 months after the announcement of a device shows a record performance in бенчмарках. The performance of a smartphone are confirmed and actual tests: neither an Android smartphone is not able to offer similarly to "apple" smartphone performance level.

With the launch of the new Galaxy Note 8 flagship in Seoul with the intention of overcoming the iPhone's productivity. The device had to be the first in the industry to obtain an improved version of топового Mobile Snapdragon 835 processor, which will be named Snapdragon 836.

For Samsung like never before, it is extremely important not to hit the face on the ground. It must prove itself worthy of a smartphone, as this will be the first фаблет Note family businesses after a scandalous failure of the Galaxy Note 7 last year.

The Snapdragon 836 chip should get better beat processor and graphics card frequency - 2.5 Ghz and 740 Mhz, respectively. If possible, some of the innovations, but do not expect big changes. Really the new flagship chipset - Snapdragon 845 - Samsung smartphones will only receive in the year 2018.

Will the Galaxy Note 8 show performance on the level of the coming iPhone 8 or even beat, time will tell. At this time, no Samsung smartphone could not take revenge even with the iPhone 7.

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