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Friday, 30 June 2017

Samsung's plan for the Galaxy Note 8 dual camera

In the MWC of Shanhai Samsung has shown a dual camera solution that could be the one chosen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 .

It seems clear that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be the company's first mobile to implement a double photo sensor back or the first to do it worldwide if the Galaxy C10 is expected for China goes before the sale.

We still did not have many clues as to how the rear camera would work but after the MWC celebration in Shanghai these days there have been several sources that have talked about the type of sensor that will implement the new Samsung mobile.

Bet on the sensor in color and black and white

Apparently the company would have opted for a double sensor of 13 Mpx one of which would capture color photographs and another would do it in black and white and be able to improve the sharpness of the first by providing extra information.

This operation we have already seen on mobile phones like the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus although those who have been able to test the implementation of Samsung say that the quality is superior to what the rivals offer.

The two sensors would have a f / 2.0 aperture, something that we miss because it seems to be insufficient to fight with other models with larger apertures that are able to capture more light and therefore to make better photos in difficult light conditions. However Samsung boasts of having achieved great quality in this section so we must wait to see actual shots.

The same source indicates that Note 8 will be able to create a blur effect in portrait mode which leads us to a question: will the portrait mode be implemented without the optical zoom?

Bokeh and 2x zoom have nothing to do

Although Apple, OnePlus and Xiaomi have bet on implementing dual cameras with optical zoom while enhancing the blur by software does not mean that this should necessarily be so.

Samsung could use the color sensor to take the picture and capture depth details with the monochrome sensor. With that information you could blur the background to get the striking effect that is so fashionable. Obviously we will not be able to make shots closer without losing quality.

But as we always say, we will have to wait for the official presentation to see what Samsung has done in what could be its best mobile phone of 2018.

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