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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Save space on your iPhone by removing iOS updates

As you know, from time to time from Apple new releases are released that apart from containing improvements in security and solve detected errors, implement new and interesting functions. As the download and installation of these is a can, Apple simplifies the process by downloading them automatically the moment we have Wi-Fi so that we just have to press on install and forget.

But what if you have an iPhone or an iPad that is having a few years and that therefore you decide that you do not want to update to avoid as far as possible its obsolescence? In these cases we will suffer periodic notice from Apple to install it and we will have the update downloaded in our device occupying a valuable space. Here's how to get rid of both: both notification and update.

How to remove iOS updates from your iPhone or iPad

Although it does for our good, the constant notice for us to update our terminal ends up being quite heavy, especially if you do not intend to do so. To get rid of the notification and the downloaded file we will have to follow the following steps :

1) On your iPhone or iPad go to Settings

2) Open General > Storage

3) On this page you will see the list of apps that you have installed on your device, including the update.

4) Click on it and delete it.

So simple you get rid of both the space occupied by the update - which is considerable - as the warning. Unfortunately this is a temporary solution until Apple releases another update since Cupertino are very meticulous with security, so there is no way to get rid of the warnings and downloads of the latest versions.

Via | Applesfera

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