Seen in WWDC 2017: Apple is better than Android and Tim Cook proves it -


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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Seen in WWDC 2017: Apple is better than Android and Tim Cook proves it

Yesterday's Apple WWDC 2017 event was simply impressive in terms of content, although there were some dull moments that came to remind the Goya. However, Cupertino also had time to remember their great rival devices: Android. And it was not enough to advance by the right in innovation but also had to continue to show the reasons why the Apple iOS is better than Android .

Because yes, Apple also do their studies and not everything is a matter of status or snobbery, that Apple is better than Android is a reality that we have been demonstrating for a long time. The key to everything is iOS and its perfect integration with the hardware thanks to the absolute control of Apple over both , which allows for example when Apple launches a new update with security patches and improvements, the installation among its users is majority, reducing Almost to zero any inherent risk previously detected.

Here we can see it: it does not matter if Android developers or Google itself design new tools and patches if less than 1 in 10 terminals choose to download it. In the meantime, an iPhone or an iPad will do so, unless obsolescence is not worth it. What is the result of all this? That the Apple iOS and its terminals are more secure, stable and fluid than the Android.

But not everything is security, that Apple has fallen asleep on the laurels after the sad death of Steve Jobs is relative because yesterday left us with the mouth open. While many fans of Android tear their clothes because the Chinese terminals come revolutionizing the market with great news at ridiculous prices - and not so ridiculously, there is more to see the flagships of Android and its PVP -, in fact is not gold All that glitters . For sample, a button:

And it is that Samsung or Google Pixel will be able to count on an image recognition - that by the way, the Galaxy S8 can be easily trolleado with some photos of license - but they do not do so fast or so well. The technology itself has a real cost and innovation, too.

Also, do you consider a terminal that expensive two years and a half after its market release is still faster than the best android that ever existed? . And is that if in 2015 you bought an iPhone 6s you can rest easy because you have mobile for a while.

So if you want quality, innovation and design, but also security, stability and fluidity, stick with Apple .

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