Siri's renewed icon on iOS 11 could be the new virtual home button for the iPhone 8 -


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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Siri's renewed icon on iOS 11 could be the new virtual home button for the iPhone 8

The iOS 11 presentation at Apple's WWDC gave us some clues about what the iPhone 8 looks like . For example, the redesign of the Siri UI could confirm rumors about the look of the 10th anniversary iPhone .

It is speculated that this year, with the launch of the iPhone 8 , Apple drastically changed the design of the smartphone. In principle the terminal would have an OLED Infinity screen of 5.8 inches from edge to edge and without side bezels . In addition, it has been rumored that the iPhone special edition would not have a physical Home button.

Samsung, meanwhile, has also changed the design of its Galaxy S8 by removing the physical start button and providing a spectacular Infinity display to its users.

Will Siri be the new Home button?

Siri received all sorts of new developments at both the design and software level. Now the Apple Virtual Assistant, in iOS 11, has an animated icon of colors that has curiously the same shape and size as the Home button. In addition, it is positioned in the same place.

We can not know for sure if Apple will use Siri as a new virtual Home button. The iPhone start button is commonly used for Touch ID functionality and to switch between applications. But iOS 11 has a new method to change and close applications (App Switcher) and more tactile gestures.

But there could be confusion and some complications if that were the case. For example, how would we differentiate between using the Home button functions and Siri activation?

Be that as it may, the iPhone 8 of 2017 Apple could completely change the rules of the game , allowing Siri to take control of all the actions of our device, something dreamed by some. Although I doubt very much that this is the case, since the technology of virtual assistants is not yet so advanced.

Source | Independent

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