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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Slow on your rock list: Spotify will cast you sponsored songs

Music lovers are living a golden age with streaming services , including Apple Music and of course, the industry-leading app, Spotify. And is that although we do not want to spend a euro, we can enjoy an extensive music catalog on all our devices simply with an internet connection.

But I will not deceive you: if you are a music lover, paying for this service is very worthwhile . What are less than ten euros a month to enjoy the best music, depending on your mood, tastes, etc. Without having to load discs, CDs, USB spikes ... and of course, without advertising? Almost nothing.

If instead you choose not to pay, you know what you play: random songs on your iPhone and iPad and also a considerable amount of publicity. Of course, it is a business and as such you have to make a profit. But Spotify has another plan to keep monetizing your app: Introducing Promoted Songs into your Playlists. So yes, soon it will be a reality to hear Despacito up in the soup, and also in your music lists of rock, heavy, indie, classical music ...

Because if before they paid to appear in the radios and to be number of the lists, now they will do it to flood your ears with the hits of the summer. And eye, because premium users seem to be not escaping from this business idea .

This surprising news has been known by the hand of a Twitter user named Liam Maloneyha, who commented that the promoted songs appear as a banner at the top of the playlists . Of course and as with recommendations, if you want to add it later, you can do it easily.

Although some users have reported that this option can be deactivated in the configuration of our account , we do not know for sure whether this will be the case or not. Of course, if you can not deactivate, this new measure will annoy and much users who already pay religiously to get rid of any type of advertisement.

Via | Andro4All

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