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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

So impressive are the first creations with ARKit

During the presentation of iOS 11, Apple announced ARKit , a new API with which developers could fully enter the world of augmented reality on iOS devices.

Well, of course, many developers have set to work and have begun to show some of his creations that have only one word: impressive.

Augmented reality will come into our lives thanks to iOS 11 and ARKit

The first of the videos that I want to show is a simple but incredibly practical idea, or what is the same, to be able to measure from our iOS devices.

As you can appreciate, thanks to ARKit we can not only trace a meter anywhere we want, but we can measure the height and width of a piece of furniture with a truly impressive accuracy.

Similarly, one of the first creations in Apple's augmented reality could not be anything other than Minecraft, the Mojang game that can now be enjoyed in the real world.

On the other hand, it seems to me important to mention that ARKit will not only be in demos or small home tools , as companies like Niantic have already announced that they will use the technology to launch a special GO Pokemon update for iOS devices.

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