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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Start the countdown: goodbye to the iPhone 5s

Undoubtedly, one of the main fears of iOS users is knowing when Apple will declare that its terminal is obsolete , which means that even if your device is working perfectly and you are worth more than enough for everyday tasks, stay Out of the news and updates. All a drama .

When we introduced you to iOS 11 during WWDC 2017 we knew that the future of the iPhone 5c was fake , but many of you asked about the iPhone 5s, a wonderful terminal that came to light in 2013 and that many users still enjoy, because we do not fool ourselves : Apple products can be expensive, but they are made to last, the one who proves it knows .

Whether you have an iPhone 5s or you value buying a cheap iOS terminal - today you can buy it for something less than 200 euros - surely you are interested in knowing how much time you have before Apple dictates his death sentence .

Apple's scheduled obsolescence

First of all, let's distinguish something: one thing is that Apple declares it obsolete and therefore leaves it out of the updates and another that we can no longer use it . If you use your device to make a phone call, messaging, email, WhatsApp and check your social networks, you will not find any problem in continuing to do so, as long as you are careful when updating ... come on, for our sake updating is over .But the device is still fully functional and if we are not very demanding, it will continue to be useful until we decide to acquire a new one.

While the life of the iPad is prolonged given its use for content consumption - although Apple intends to replace our laptops with an iPad Pro and then the thing will probably change - the iPhone is usually 2 or 3 years given its use Intensive and above all the duration of your battery . In addition, some features such as speed, a larger screen or more features can serve as an incentive to update our terminal.

How much life is left for the iPhone 5s?

Although Apple launches iPhone every year, the reality is that the 4-inch models in general are in danger of extinction : we have seen it on the iPhone 5c , will soon be on the iPhone 5s and some more travel will have the iPhone SE, which Predictably it will be discontinued .

As for the iPhone 5s there are two factors that play to its advantage in its features: its A7 64-bit processor and Touch ID . Thanks to its chip we know that at least we will last another update. Why do we know? With iOS 11 Apple bids farewell to the 32bit architecture , but it is no problem as the iPhone 5s supports the new apps of the imminent iOS 11, which will see the light for the general public this September and that as traditional in Apple will be valid until The fall of 2018.

The second factor is the Touch ID , the fingerprint sensor to identify us that serves both to unlock the iPhone and to make payments with Apple Pay and acquire apps in the App Store and iTunes. Although Apple is immersed in looking for new and innovative forms of identification such as face recognition, there is still at least one year left to be implanted.

So for now quiet , because the iPhone 5s can continue giving war until at least autumn next year.

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