Stop looking for the government snitch: it's Siri and spies you in real time -


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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Stop looking for the government snitch: it's Siri and spies you in real time

If for months we were a little paranoid about the possibility that governments read our WhatsApp messages and even the suspicion that directly aimed at Siri as a CIA snitch, something that made us sit with her and interrogate her , the worst Omens appear to have been confirmed.

And it is that two recent rumors suggest that Apple could have the technical capabilities to spy massively on its clients in certain areas and not only that, but the information obtained could be filtered to the intelligence services of the governments, so that they could Take action in case of detecting potentially suspicious behavior.

Until now, Apple had been rather reluctant to filter information, even creating a conflict of interest by protecting its customers with complex encryptions and their privacy in the face of persistent pressure from the intelligence services to hack into terrorist terminals. But this Apple policy seems to have changed when Tim Cook recently confirmed that he had helped the British government in the face of last month's terrorist threats. How? We do not know for sure, but it set a dangerous precedent.

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine tell a story about this that is rather disturbing to be true. You will all remember the sad attacks of Manchester during a charity concert in which Ariana Grande participated. Well, apparently one of the attendees wrote a note in the native app of his iPhone in which he put "Helicopter flying over . " On paper nothing potentially dangerous, right?

Soon the police stopped the boy and asked who he was with and if he had written something about a helicopter on his phone, something that logically left the boy baffled. After being registered, the police let him go. The boy in question turned out to be a journalist and has given a lot of hype to the news. How did they have access to that information? Probably because he kept his notes in the cloud , like many of us, to have all our information synchronized with other computers. However, from the time he wrote it until he was registered it barely passed.

What does this all mean? Apple is probably collaborating with governments so that when someone stores information on iCloud and thanks to advanced artificial intelligence technologies, they process the information and point out possible suspects and their location. Of course, after the last statements of Theresa May, we are not surprised at all.

Via | BGR

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