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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Take care of the temperature of your device with these tips

Controlling the temperature of our terminal becomes necessary when it starts to malfunction and we see its reduced performance. It could also be damaged, so it is mandatory to know how to take the necessary measures so that our device is not affected by an excess of temperature. Today we are going to teach you how to control Android overheating .

Android overheating

# 1 Multitasking

Smartphones allow us to do a lot of things: watching videos, images, browsing, listening to music ... and many times we leave them in the background, causing our phone to load all of them at once. Obviously, this ends up billing our terminal causing it to overheat due to continuous saturation. Keep in mind that reducing the tasks on your phone will result in lighter performance and therefore longer life.

# 2 Eye with streamings

Being able to watch streamings of both our favorite players and ordinary people is fantastic and has meant a huge leap in the world of technology, but as everything has its buts (worth redundancy). We must be careful with what we see, since we usually put these videos with the highest resolution and can last for hours, which if we put them together with point 1. can result in a huge overheating of our terminal, which we want to avoid Every coast.

# 3 Very demanding games.

Lately the world of mobile games is completely in vogue and we can enjoy several wonders in our phone, both visually and technically. The problem is that these games usually ask for quite broad requirements and that we can calmly hold if our phone is a mid-high range, the problem comes when we put these games together while in the background we have whatsapp, youtube ... or we played it for a long time .

# 4 Proper Device Ventilation

This problem arises in all our devices. If we do not give it a correct ventilation, what we do in the long run is that it does not "breathe" properly and thus it ends up warming up more than the bill. So what we have to do is keep it cool and prevent it from overheating; Taking into account the above tips, obviously.

# 5 An outdated software

An outdated software will always be a cause of damages for our terminal. The updates mean improvements that the manufacturer has made, which translates into greater fluidity. It is true that some updates have made them worse, but they are made to introduce improvements.

# 6 Clean junk files

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