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Thursday, 8 June 2017

The 100 new features iOS 11 video changes

From the Control Center to the App Switcher, through the animations, the file management system, the Dock, the App Store ...

IOS 11 offers a real barbarity of changes with respect to iOS 10. In this article we will mention each and every one of them.

So grab your chair or couch, get comfortable, relax, play, and enjoy 100 new iOS 11 changes .

The 100 new iOS 11 features!

1. The dock has a new look.

2. The Dock allows you to add up to 15 applications on iPad.

3. The Dock has a section for most used Continuity apps.

4. You can select multiple applications with two fingers.

5. You can select multiple photos with two fingers.

6. The App Switcher has been completely renovated.

7. You can activate the App Switcher by pressing the Home button twice or by sliding your finger up from the bottom of the screen.

8. The Control Center has renewed its design.

9. The Control Center and the Dock are part of the App Switcher.

10. You must keep your finger pressed on an app to close it on the App Switcher.

11. There is no splash screen in App Switcher.

12. The App Store has a new minimalist design.

13. You can slide apps from the Dock to open the Multitask.

14. You can move the app from the Slide Over function by sliding your finger over the top of each application.

15. You can hide the app from the Slide Over feature by sliding your finger over the top of each application.

16. You can use Split View by sliding your finger down from the top of the app in Slide Over.

17. Close the applications of the Multitasking has a new method.

18. It is now possible to drag and drop items from one app to another.

19. You can select text to drag and move to another app.

20. You can select images to drag and move to another app.

21. You can drag and drop multiple items at the same time.

22. You can move multiple application icons to another page at the same time.

23. The QuickType keyboard has received new functions.

24. If you slide your finger down on the QuickType keys you will enter special characters.

25. The iPad Pro has a single Widgets column.

26. You can press with one touch with your Apple Pencil and start a note.

27. You can mark and annotate in screenshots automatically.

28. The system allows you to start a drawing without pressing the function in Notes.

29. The Notes app is capable of scanning documents.

30. New user interface for password.

31. New animation for the lock screen.

32. New animation for starting applications.

33. Bold text for Spotlight.

34. The icon of the coverage signal has changed.

35. There is no text for Dock applications.

36. Siri and Search have the same panel in Settings.

37. You can write text to Siri.

38. New option to deactivate Siri.

39. Updated Siri user interface.

40. Siri has new male and female voices.

41. Siri Suggestions in Settings.

42. Siri is able to translate content.

43. Option to control AirPods.

44. Keyboard modes for right-handed and left-handed.

45. It is possible to invert colors (Night Mode).

46. Two different ways to invert colors.

47. New status bar for location.

48. HealthKit data synchronized via iCloud.

49. 32-bit apps do not work on iOS 11.

50. There is no interface for volume when playing music.

51. You can change the keyboard while you dictate text.

52. Compatibility with FLAC audio.

53. Converting web pages to PDF is easier than ever.

54. New icon for the App Store.

55. New icon for Calculator.

56. New user interface for Calculator.

57. New icon for the iTunes Store.

58. Games section in the App Store.

59. Applications section in the App Store.

60. Redesigned App Store Pages in the App Store.

61. New user interface for purchases from the App Store.

62. New Files application.

63. Files allow you to manage iOS 11 files.

64. Possibility to add seconds to the Timer.

65. Message Synchronization via iCloud.

66. New keyboard for quick response.

67. Redesigning the iMessage application user interface.

68. Two new effects for the Messages app.

69. Updating the Time Interface.

70. The Podcast application has also been updated.

71. The Music application has new features for sharing.

72. Petitions of friendship in Apple Music.

73. Recommendations of songs that listen to your friends in Apple Music.

74. Small changes to the Safari user interface.

75. The video playback screen has a new style.

76. Safari scrolling is much faster and more fluid.

77. Inserting tables in the Notes app.

78. New buttons for Notes selection options.

79. Ability to anchor notes as favorites.

80. You can change the paper type for notes in the Notes app.

81. New user interface for text formatting in Notes.

82. Search in handwritten notes.

83. Capturing Live Photos in FaceTime.

84. New method to change the camera in FaceTime.

85. Editing the main photo of the Live Photos.

86. You can trim the duration of the Live Photos.

87. Special effects and filters for Live Photos.

88. The Photos application displays the GIFs (finally).

89. Playback of Photo Memories in Portrait mode.

90. Customizing Apple Watch Spheres on iOS 11.

91. Phone calls have received small design changes.

92. Automatic call answering.

93. Header in the Settings app.

94. Warning for iCloud backups.

95. New button to turn off the device in Settings.

96. New numeric keypad.

97. Delete apps and keep your data.

98. New storage panel.

99. New method for automatic Wi-Fi connection.

100. New type of banner for notifications.

Via | 9to5mac

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