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Sunday, 18 June 2017

The 5 features iOS 11 has copied from Android

Android users always tend to compare their operating system with iOS, it is logical and normal considering that it is the two best operating systems today.

We have recently seen how Apple introduced iOS 11 in its WWDC. The new version of iOS for iPhone and iPad has many interesting news. But, apparently, some of them might have been copied from Android ...

The YouTuber XEETECHCARE has uploaded a video showing a comparison of a Samsung Galaxy S8 and an iPhone, apparently there are suspiciously similar features. We leave you with the video at the end of the article.

1. One hand keyboard

This feature allows users to write with one hand , it is available for both left and right handed. Something that was already present in Android.

2. Smart screenshots

In iOS 11 there is a new advanced editing option specially designed for the screenshots. When you take a capture, it appears in thumbnail in the lower left corner . This tool is virtually identical to an Android tool.

3. Control Center

The new iOS 11 Control Center allows users to add features to their buttons. In Samsung terminals this feature is known as Quick Actions and has been on Android for a long time. At least Apple has finally risen to the car of personalization.

4. Retain application data

Another new feature of iOS 11 is designed to remove applications but retain all of its data . A cache option that, of course, was already available on Android.

5. Screen Recording

Finally, there is a functionality to record the iPhone screen on iOS 11 . This tool also came with the Samsung Galaxy S8, and offers the ability to make recordings and take screenshots.

Here we leave you with a video in which you can observe in more detail the similarity between the functions of iOS 11 and Android:

What do you think? Have you copied iOS 11 to Android?

Via | Viral Tech

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