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Monday, 12 June 2017

The 5 most secret iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad

Apple introduced iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad at WWDC 17. The new version of the software for the company's mobile operating system offers many new features.

During the presentation, Apple was able to show a host of iOS 11 features. Even some of them were announced exclusively for iPad . However, due to lack of time, the company could not present all the new features of iOS 11 .

This is why this article is dedicated to all those functions of iOS 11 that Apple could not present during the WWDC . The most secret functions!

Scan QR Codes

With the advent of iOS 11 now Apple finally allows its users to scan QR codes directly from the native iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Camera app.

Special characters

The iOS 11 QuickType keyboard has been enhanced to provide the ability to access special characters by sliding the finger down each key. In addition, the function for writing vowels with tilde by sliding the finger up each key is still available.

New option to invert colors

Apple did not introduce a Night Mode for iOS 11, but it has included an option in Settings that allows to invest colors intelligently in the system user interface, something that does not affect graphic content and other elements. A Night Mode "hidden".

Keep application data

In iOS 11 you will have the possibility to delete an application but still keep all your data. An ideal choice for saved game games and productivity application documents.

Select multiple applications

Finally, one of the less popular features of iOS 11 is that it will allow you to select multiple applications using tactile gestures. It's great when it comes to moving applications to a new page or creating a folder.

But there's still so much more! IOS 11 also allows you to share Wi-Fi automatically (without copying and pasting passwords) and many other features. Keep up to date with all the iOS 11 news on our blog.

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