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Thursday, 29 June 2017

The 6 Apple rarities you want right now

In its decades of existence, Apple has established itself as a technological company whose ascendant is capable of influencing society , nevertheless users are considered "fanboys" of the brand for the faith they deposit in their products, even though it is true A reality: neither Apple created the mp3 nor the mobile phone, however its success was such to interpret those gadgets that your iPod or iPhone transcend over the generic product, becoming authentic icons and status symbols, the purest Ferrari style.

Apple is a fashion that has arrived to stay and from Cupertino have been able to take advantage of the pull with a series of merchandising that has been throwing throughout its existence with greater or lesser pull but that today constitute a series of objects of Collector very well paid.

Apple merchandising without which you will not be able to live

Apple T-Shirt

This little gem saw the light back there in 1994 and, as you see, it is the most basic in the world, in fact we would not be surprised to find a "Fruit of the Loom" label, made of cotton, round neck and short sleeve, with Macintosh logo on the chest. If you want it, you can find it on eBay from $ 20 , shipping not included. That yes, what it includes are certain use blips to make everything much more realistic .

By the way, back in 1986, Apple launched a line of clothes full of hoodies between the vintage and the junk that may well save the day in an event full of hipsters. Unfortunately, we could not find anything for sale because honestly, a sweatshirt of those already bought me.

Apple Beach Towel

You're an Apple fanboy and you know it, so what better place to show it in summer than at the beach or at the pool . Classic typography of the brand and its iconic multicolored apple on white background you can find on eBay starting at $ 49 . The seller assures that it is original and although used, is in good condition.

Apple Pin

What's better to prove that apart from freakie you're a bit tacky than a pin? As you can see, the brand with the colors of the rainbow that Apple used until 1998 and that can be yours for 20 dollars on eBay so that you place where you rage from: from a backpack to a tuxedo at a wedding. Of course, authentic also according to the seller.

The Real Apple Pencil

Forget the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro and focus on this wonder, a lifelong pencil made in the 80's made of wood and graphite . Some claim that it can be obtained from $ 15, however the search on eBay has not returned any results beyond the current Pencil.

And why not a pen?

This is a wonderful thing for your office days, but watch out that it is very sweet to steal . It is the boli that have been used by employees of the apple brand bite during the eighties and which denotes that were very bad times for the design.

You want it? You have several prices on eBay , although the bids on some model start at $ 5 and we can go up to 200 dollars for a Parker pen. We have opted for the one with cord, for that to avoid fast hands that ask for a second and then if I have seen you I do not remember .

Apple Breakfast Mug

Another thing not, but cups we all have at home three hundred million, but surely we can make a gap to this , it is a cup of late 80's that in addition to being a rarity, the seller ensures that it is original and that of course , Is used.

Nearly $ 50 costs on eBay for this preciousness in which coffee will tell you better than ever. But if you're not satisfied with the design or the price, on eBay you can find rarities of the most varied in terms of cups : from logos and classic monocolor typography in black or red, with only the multicolored apple ...

What do you think of these oddities? Would you buy some for yourself or to give away?

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