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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The 9 keys of the new iOS 11

Although it will come to light in September by the hand of the new iPhone special commemoration of the tenth anniversary of its launch - of which we do not yet know if it will be called iPhone 8, iPhone Edition or iPhone X - and the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, during the Apple's WWDC 2017 conference today we had the opportunity to see how it will be the new operating system for iOS devices, we refer to iOS 11 , which is now available in beta for developers.

If there is something clear is that iOS 11 has not left anyone indifferent. If someone said that Apple's era of innovation had gone to better life with the sad loss of Steve Jobs, since Cupertino have hit the table with an operating system for iPhone and iPad that promises to be spectacular . A whole revolution of which we want to highlight the main keys.

These are the 9 keys of iOS 11

Siri comes back smarter than ever

The new Siri has one thing clear: it will be able to satisfy your needs ahead of them , promises to be much more proactive and offer you more results and even speak in several languages. But also, for tastes, colors: you can choose between male and female voices and how you want it to pronounce. As security was one of the outstanding issues of the Apple assistant, iOS 11 will have end-to-end encryption.

The App Store of your dreams

The App Store is the most beneficial download platform that exists and with iOS 11, its reign promises to be long and prosperous thanks to a comprehensive redesign that goes from the logo to the way to show apps , so you do not lose again by its catalog And with what you are looking for. In addition, we have new tabs called "Today" to be the last and a section of "Games" that will allow search by type.

A Real Control Center

Like the ring of Tolkien, the new control center promises to attract the main characteristics and to subject them to blow of tap . With a new design integrated in a single panel and full of animations, finally we can see the 3D Touch in action to increase its power.

Eye because not all iPhone and iPad will be compatible

The key to all this lies in the power required to support iOS 11 , something that only devices with A7 or higher chip can tolerate. Click here to find out if your iOS device supports iOS 11 or not .

You no longer need a wallet, you have Apple Pay

While many of us still expect Apple to expand its availability to more banks and savings banks, with iOS 11 the lucky ones who can pay with their iPhone will see how it will now be possible to make payments from person to person, make transfers to your account or Send and receive money via iMessage with Touch ID.

More photos in less space

If you have an iPhone 7 Plus, you know that portrait mode will gain in quality thanks to the addition of HDR, optical image stabilization or True Tone Flash. But otherwise, do not worry because iOS 11 will enjoy more photos in less space thanks to better compression of images . In addition, there are also new features in Live Photos and memories.

Own functions for iPad

That's right, if you have an iPad, why not take advantage of your pantallón to work more and better? In iOS 11 we will see a new dock similar to MacOS, finally the multitasking will be integrated and we will even be able to manage our files with Files. And as important is to be able to work at ease, with your App Switcher changing jobs will be faster and more effective than ever.

Apple Maps will be the bad cop

Many users and organizations were complaining and Apple has listened to them: the iOS 11 Apple Maps will come with speed limits and a notifications blocker so that nothing gets rid of your driving. Detailed information on shopping centers and airports has also been incorporated.

Apple Music becomes social

With the new iOS 11 for Apple Music you can know what your contacts are listening to - or not, because it will also have privacy options deactivated - and you can add songs directly from Shazam.

One more thing ...

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the news that has most fascinated us about iOS 11 . Of course the revolution called iOS 11 does not end here because apps like iMessage or HomeKit will also be updated in September ... and surely they will not be the only ones.

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