The American jailed for refusing to unlock his iPhone -


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Thursday, 1 June 2017

The American jailed for refusing to unlock his iPhone

Miami resident christopher wheeler, suspected of mistreatment, forced to file police access to a locked iPhone with a password, sends a local resource Miami Herald. The American refused, saying that the phone lock with a password protected by the Fifth amendment of the constitution, so users are not required to request the police представолять access to their gadzhetu.

Wheeler will have to spend six months in the Jail if he does not agree to provide access to seized content has an iPhone. Police suspect he is storing photos containing scenes of violence against his son.

The guardians of the order suspected of an American in the commission of a crime. To get the clues, the police took the access to your iPhone. However, the smartphone is protected with a password, and the suspect refused to call him. Wheeler referred to the legitimate right not to testify against himself.

The police have no right to hack devices protected by the code, or to require the suspect to unlock the device. Knowledge of the password is not the physical object and is protected by the Fifth Amendment. However, the Miami court decided that data protection through a password does not fall under the Fifth Amendment and required the defendant to provide police access to his smartphone.

In the opinion of Wheeler's lawyer, the authority violates the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, according to which the person accused of having committed a crime, will not be forced to testify against himself. However, the judge decided to leave a suspect in jail for six months if he does not agree to provide access to the contents of an iPhone.

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