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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Best and Worst of Apple's WWDC 17

The Apple WWDC was very interesting. It was a special event in which hardware and software were presented . There were wonderful things, but there were also some things we did not like ...

The Worst of Apple's WWDC 2017

1. tvOS 11

Fourth-generation Apple TV users were expecting great new features announced at WWDC. However, Apple postponed this software presentation . We do not know whether due to lack of time or technical problems, but it was a disappointment.

2. Prices

Once again, Apple inflated the prices of all its products presented. An iMac Retina 5K for € 2,600, an iMac Pro for $ 5,000, an iPad for more than 800 € ...

3. HomePod

Apple unveiled its HomePod smart speaker, highlighting its great sound quality. The product in itself seemed quite attractive to us commercial level, however, its nomenclature did not seem to please anyone ...

The Best of Apple's WWDC 2017

For you to go with a very good taste after reading this article, we have chosen to leave the best of WWDC 2017 for the end. There have been many things that we liked, although it is true that we expected more, in general has been a very exciting WWDC.

1. The Apocalypse

Undoubtedly, among the best of WWDC is the video that started the event. Titled "Apocalypse," this fun video showed us what life would be like if all of our apps went missing: iTunes selling CDs, people mentioning #PizzaEmoji, real life Farmville, explosions everywhere ...

2. Customizing on iOS 11

Apple introduced some of the software features that iOS users had been waiting for years. One of the things we liked most about iOS 11 is the customization of Control Center elements and the implementation of more applications in the Dock . By the way, they are two characteristics that we predicted months ago .

3. Virtual Reality on the Mac

Apple introduced virtual reality in MacOS High Sierra, and demonstrated it with a simulation of Star Wars and Darth Vader.

And you? What did you like the most and what did you disappoint?

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