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Thursday, 29 June 2017

The best mobiles for less than 400 US Dollar (June 2017)

Choosing a mobile is not always as easy as it sounds. There are more and more phones on the market and the differences are becoming increasingly difficult to see. Do you have 350 euros for your new mobile and do not know what to choose? We tell you what is your best option and other alternatives.

The best: Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Already in our analysis of this call we mentioned that although it was an excellent terminal, its price seemed slightly high. It has already dropped 100 euros in price, and that makes it one of the best options next to the LG G5 SE.

For practical purposes, this is an intermediate version between the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 . Its screen is very good, its battery is quite good and its camera is outstanding for this price range.

  • The best: Screen, camera, performance.
  • The worst: There are no hits.

The best alternative: BQ Aquaris X and X Pro

The Spanish manufacturer has quite a few interesting models on the market. Already last month we highlight the BQ Aquaris X5 Plus as one of the best alternatives in price quality, noting that his only weakness was that his next generation was just around the corner.

The BQ Aquaris X is said telephone. Undoubtedly this is one of the most interesting mobiles that we find in its price range. Good performance, lots of memory, the latest version of Android and a first level screen with a brightness high enough to use it in full sun on the street.

On the other hand, if you can get out of the budget for 9 euros, the BQ Aquaris X Pro is one of the best options. It is a version superior to the Aquaris X that includes all its advantages in which we enjoy more memory and an outstanding camera for the price rando in which we are.

  • The best: Screen, performance.
  • The worst: The camera could be better.

I want a Chinese mobile: Xiaomi Mi 5S

You've probably been told about Chinese mobiles. The main problem of this is that the mobile may take a month to arrive , and the guarantee of these websites is not usually as good as the Spanish stores. If we buy at Aliexpress Plaza we will have fast shipments and guarantee, although we can not guarantee if it is good enough.

The Xiaomi Mi 5S has everything you could ask for at a high end , but paying almost half. Good display, lots of power, quality materials and a decent battery. In addition, MIUI is a layer of customization that works very well.

Of course, remember that the delivery times are usually not very good and that, although the Chinese stores give us guarantee, it is not something that we should count on.
  • The best: High range for a lower price.
  • Worst: Warranty worse than Amazon.

Other very decent alternatives

Has not one of our best alternatives convinced you? Looking for a mobile with more screen and that has a guarantee? Are you sick of the usual designs? We recommend these other phones.

I want a single double camera: LG G5 SE

The LG G5 was one of the most undervalued mobile phones of 2016. Its concept of modular mobile did not settle and that cost LG quite a bit of popularity. However, the LG G5 is a great phone that is worth it.

The LG G5 SE is a smaller version with a 652 Snapdragon processor and with 3GB of RAM. But for 330 euros we have an excellent high-end screen and high-end camera from 2016.
  • The best: Screen and camera.
  • The worst: Battery.

I want a balanced and designed mobile: Honor 8

Although Honor 9 has been presented today , it is a terminal that leaves a little of the budget. With a year behind them, Honor 8 is a terminal that last year had the potential to face the high end and leave well.

In its price is still one of the best purchases you can make. A fantastic design, lots of power and memory, excellent screen and a double camera that is not bad at all.
  • The best: Screen, design, performance.
  • Worst: You probably do not get Android O, staying in Nougat.

I want a small mobile phone: Sony Xperia X Compact

Everyone seems to want a high end. The phablets are in fashion. If you want a "small" phone your only option is to buy an iPhone. Or maybe not?

Sony has several generations launching a small size alternative to its flagships. The Sony Xperia X Compact is an Xperia X, but with a reduced size, and is that it has a screen of 4.6 inches. Lots of battery and a pretty good camera.

The best: Size, battery.

Worst: Your design could be more compact.

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