The "drag and drop" could reach your iPhone and iPad on iOS 11 -


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Monday, 5 June 2017

The "drag and drop" could reach your iPhone and iPad on iOS 11

Today virtually all systems have it . In Android, for example, we can copy and paste a file wherever we want, without any problems and in a very easy and fast.

However, despite the clear superiority of iOS in terms of system functions, we still do not have anything that resembles this feature ... At least not until now .

According to some leaks, in iOS 11 we could find a "split screen" option with some aggregates. One of them would be the ability to move files between apps. For example, if we wanted to pass an image of our reel to any folder, we could do it .

Unfortunately, this function seems to only be seen on iPad devices , as so far are the only ones with the Split View option. However, it is a function that we could see in the future for the larger devices of Cupertino, such as the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 6s and even the iPhone 6 Plus.

Goodbye laptops, hello iPad

Apple has long wanted to replace laptops with its higher range of tablets like the iPad Pro. However, not having this option on a device that is supposed to be professional is a sample of how crude the system is still .

Since we have a lot of faith in Apple, we are sure to make iOS a much more professional system in the future . Maybe iOS 11 is the first step to that destination.

In a very short time we will be able to see the presentation of iOS 11 , and we can not help but be anxious for all the news that is about to fall.

What do you expect from iOS 11? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | IPhone News

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