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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The "drag and drop" feature of iOS 11 could also work on iPhone

Many of the iPad users, among whom I find myself, are really excited about the advent of the "drag and drop" functionality of iOS 11 .

However, this feature to move elements (links, images, text, videos, etc) from one application to another has a limitation: it will only be available on iPad.

On the iPhone users who install iOS 11 will have the opportunity to drag and drop objects only within a single application.

Limiting the use of such an interesting feature on a platform much less popular than the iPhone is disappointing ...

A developer discovers this feature on the iPhone

Be that as it may, today it has been discovered that the drag-and-drop functionality of iOS 11 is indeed present on the iPhone , albeit in a hidden way.

The developer who found out mentioned that the feature is disabled by a hidden configuration setting that users can not access.

It sounds surreal, does not it? In addition, the use of the mouse pointer to demonstrate the performance of this feature on an iPhone makes it even more amazing. Developer Steve Troughton Smith, very popular for discovering hidden features of Apple products, has shared his discovery on Twitter.

In addition, the developer mentioned that if the new iPhone 2017 has a virtual Home button you should have this function with more reason .

In theory, the limitation of the use of drag and drop on the iPhone has been implemented because the Cupertino company's smartphone does not offer multitasking with Split View like the iPad.

Source | 9to5mac

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