The first public beta of iOS 11 is now available, discover how to download it -


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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The first public beta of iOS 11 is now available, discover how to download it

Not long ago we published an article about a review that had appeared for the devices registered in the developer betas program. At first, it seemed that this was a last minute update needed to solve some major bug in the last beta of iOS 11. However, it seems that we already know the real reason behind this release

Apparently, the review is the version that has just been distributed by the public iOS beta program for all those who want to test the new Apple operating system on their devices. So far, it was only available to developers (theoretically), which thanks to this program will be many more users who will be able to push the tooth to the latest news of one of the best iOS updates so far. All this after having made a backup in iTunes, of course .

How to access Apple's public beta program

Surely many of you are looking forward to try this new version, so let's start as soon as possible so you can enjoy the latest. To access the public beta program of Apple you must follow a procedure very similar to that followed by registered developers. First, you must access this website with your iPad or iPhone and click on the "Sign up" button . Then log in with your Apple ID , read the program conditions, and accept them if you are satisfied.

Once you have done this, you can access the different tests of MacOS, iOS and tvOS. In this case, we will focus on iOS 11. To update your devices, you must select the "Enroll your devices" option in the top menu of the page . Select iOS, and choose the option "Download profile" that appears in the second step. Now your device will ask you for permission to download and install a new configuration profile . Accept the installation and restart your devices.

If everything went well, after restarting your devices and accessing the Software Update menu under the General Settings section you will receive the notice that a new update is available. Install it, and enjoy all that brings back the latest version of iOS.

And you, Will you launch to try the new version of iOS 11?

Via | MacRumors

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