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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The iOS 11 screenshots you were waiting for

At this point, and after a week since the iOS 11 presentation at the World Developers Conference, you've seen a bunch of iOS 11 video reviews of the new iPad Pro and you've read about their new features.

It is even likely that you are reading this article from the beta version of iOS 11 on your iPhone and / or iPad. However, you surely still have a long way to go before you know all the aspects of the new version of the software of the mobile operating system of the firm of Cupertino.

In fact, as an editor of CP, I have been writing about iOS 11 for several days and still continue to surprise myself every day with all the features, features and features that are being discovered.

IOS 11 screenshots

We have collected a series of screenshots belonging to iOS 11 so you can have a look at some of the most interesting features of iOS 11: Siri, Night Mode, Control Center, iMessage, Multitasking ...


In addition to the ability to write text to Siri, iOS 11 has enhanced other features of its voice assistant. Among all the novelties, it highlights the renewal of the design of its user interface and translations in real time.


The truth is that iOS 11 has not brought as many changes to iMessage as it did with iOS 10. But there is a very useful feature, now the applications of the App Store for Messages have moved to the bottom , making interacting with them a lot Less intrusive.


IOS 11 has features exclusive to iPad, most of them are related to Multitasking . Now users will be able to drag and drop items from one application to another, as you can see in this screenshot of Safari and Mail.

Control center

We have recently shared this information in an article on the iOS Control Center 11 . But it never hurts to remember. As you can see in the screenshot, the Control Center has been redesigned to be more organized and to be much more customizable.

Via | BGR

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