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Saturday, 17 June 2017

The iOS 11 tracks on the Apple iPhone 8

The software belonging to iOS 11 that Apple introduced during WWDC 17 gives us some clues about what could be and what functions could have the iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Edition or iPhone Anniversary. The special edition smartphone that the company will present in September.

The 10th anniversary iPhone is expected to have a major redesign . Plus, it will come with wireless charging, OLED display, 3D sensors for the camera and more.

But, as we mentioned previously, Apple let us glimpse other features of the new iPhone during WWDC in the presentation of iOS 11.

Augmented reality

Apple used a lot of time during the WWDC demonstrating the augmented reality novelties (ARKit) in iOS 11. Something that guarantees that the iPhone 8 will come with augmented reality, and would be related to the camera's 3D sensors .

Integration with HomePod

Apple's HomePod product is the answer to Amazon Echo and Google Home. Apple offered no details about it, but the new smart speaker is crying out for integration on the iPhone 8 . On the other hand HomeKit, in iOS 11, will have a section dedicated to the speakers.


Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, was one of the protagonists of the WWDC. It has language translation, new voices and support for more third-party applications. This indicates that Siri could have a much more important role in the iPhone 8 . Especially after the removal of the physical Home button. Apple could introduce new voice commands for Siri in order to enhance the iPhone 8 experience.


With the iPhone 8, NFC could go one step beyond Apple Pay. In iOS 11 you can make NFC work with other services, not just Apple Pay . An expansion in mobile payments in this regard would need some new features on iPhone 8. This would mean that a user could make your iPhone become your new card for the bus or the metro, among many other possibilities.

Via | CNET

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