The iPad has become the perfect tool for listening to music -


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Friday, 23 June 2017

The iPad has become the perfect tool for listening to music

Apple introduced two new iPad models during the WWDC of 2017, the iPad Pro of 10.5 inches and a update of the iPad Pro of 12.9 inches . Both devices offer all kinds of new hardware level.

In addition, the arrival of iOS 11 will allow users to have features exclusive to the iPad, namely improvements in multitasking, more features in the Dock and drag-and-drop.

We know that our readers love to listen to music, and we know that you usually use the iPhone for it. But there is a small detail, a small difference, which perhaps most of you have overlooked. While the iPhone 7 removed the headphone jack , the new iPad maintains it .

But listening to music with the EarPods while charging the battery is not the only reason why the iPad has become an ideal tool when it comes to playing audio ... Look, look!

Four brutal speakers!

If you have an iPad Pro, you have a little musical gem. The new iPad Pro is different from the other models, at the audio level, by having four stereo speakers located at each of its corners .

So, if you're holding the iPad Pro with two hands, you'll never be able to plug all the sound coming out of your speakers. What's more, Apple has managed to make the gyro sensors detect the position of the tablet to change the sound frequencies .

A more complete Apple Music experience

Yes, the iPad does not fit in your pocket, but somehow you can manage to listen to your favorite songs from Apple Music.

You can use a Dock, a stand, a screen protector, a Smart Cover ... There are plenty of accessories that will allow you to take the iPad to the kitchen, restaurant, beach ...

There is no doubt that the large screen of the iPad, especially the iPad Pro of 12.9 inches , is the best way to enjoy the Apple Music experience.

Not to mention the AirPods ...

In addition the AirPods are also compatible with the iPad. And they work even if you are meters away thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. So yes, the iPad has become an ideal tool for music playback.

Source | Engadget

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