The iPhone was more successful than PlayStation, Walkman, Game Boy or Rubik's cube -


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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The iPhone was more successful than PlayStation, Walkman, Game Boy or Rubik's cube

We continue to approach the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, the first smartphone, the mobile phone that completely changed the rules of the game.

In commemoration of the 2007 iPhone's first anniversary, The Wall Street Journal has shared a statistical chart comparing iPhone sales figures with PlayStation, Barbie, Walkman, Rubik's cube and other iconic popular products.

How could it be otherwise, the iPhone was much more successful than any of these products. It is curious to think that it sold much more than twice as much as the Sony PlayStation.

Comparative chart of sales of the most iconic products in the history of mankind

But the first Apple iPhone 2007 not only sold much more than the rest of products of this exclusive "retro" list, but also did so in a much shorter period of time.

As you can see from the graph, Apple sold 1.2 billion iPhone units in just over 5 years . While other products like the Sony PlayStation needed more than 20 years to sell 400 million units.

There is another very curious fact, and is that Barbie doll is the only product on this list that has managed to approach the sales numbers of Apple iPhone. About 1 billion dolls have been sold since birth about 60 years ago.

The chart comes with another comparative chart that offers us various statistics about the iPod and the iPhone: number of employees, development space, sales, profits, units, i + d ...

What most impacted us on the statistical chart of The Wall Street Journal are the sales of the Sony Walkman. This small device that we now see as "a vintage terminal", in its time dominated the market, rather it destroyed it. It was the best for music playback, but then came Discman, mp3, mp4 and ... iPod. If things had been otherwise, we could still live in a world where the iPhone had never existed . Can you imagine? How wonderful is the world of technology, dear readers!

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