The new Apple iMac 21.5 inches disassembled, we see its interior thoroughly -


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Friday, 9 June 2017

The new Apple iMac 21.5 inches disassembled, we see its interior thoroughly

Apple has recently unveiled its new 21.5- inch iMac with 4K display. Well today the guys from iFixit have dismantled it showing everything they hide under its casing.

The introduction of this new iMac occurred at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference . In it they presented the models of iMac more compact and powerful to date in addition to the new MacBooks and iPads.

For the occasion they have decided to use the model that will go on sale for about 1299 $ . In terms of features this iMac comes with an Intel Core i5 processor at 3 GHz, 8 GB DDR4 memory running at 2400 MHz, an AMD Radeon Pro 555 GPU with 2 GB of memory and a 1 TB hard drive at 5400 rev / min .

Removing the new 21.5-inch iMac

Just remove the equipment we are surprised to see that the processor leaves without problem. Usually Apple usually welds its processors to not allow any kind of change. The processor model is the Intel Core i5 7400 SR32W Kaby Lake , connected to an LGA 1151 socket. After removing the glue that attaches the cable from the 4K screen and separating the power supply, fan and hard drive, we can see that the memory modules are not soldered either. This means that we can finally update our machine if we fall short.

According to iFixit comment the access to the interior of these iMac is not simple. In spite of this it is possible, so that the more handy users can modify them to their liking. From iFixit they give you a rating of 3 out of 10 at the time you mess with it. However, this is a big step forward, especially if compared to the 2015 model.

Now we will have to wait to see if this also do with the new Apple MacBook . If so, the useful life of these same would be greatly extended, increasing its accessibility.

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