The new Apple Store of Chicago is, literally, a gigantic MacBook -


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Saturday, 24 June 2017

The new Apple Store of Chicago is, literally, a gigantic MacBook

A couple of months ago the Cupertino firm opened a luxurious Apple Store in Dubai . Shortly afterwards, he has begun to build a new store in Chicago. But on this occasion its architecture has a very special style ...

The new Apple Store of Chicago is built in such a way that it resembles the design of a MacBook . Not only for its gigantic glossy ceiling with the apple logo, but also because there might be some hidden stairs that emulate the keyboard of the MacBook.

The Apple Store that the bite apple company will inaugurate in Chicago is located in an emblematic place for residents by the river.

The new Chicago Apple Store is not yet complete

From DNAInfo ensure that the logo was on the ceiling one hour, before being positioned. It's the finishing touch that emulates the design of a giant MacBook Air.

Surprisingly, the design of the ceiling with the apple logo was already discovered a few months ago by the Chicago Tribune in his blog, specifically in March.

We do not know, for now, if the architecture of the Apple Store in Chicago will allow the roof to move (as if a MacBook was opening and closing) but it would be really cool if under the roof there were stairs that simulate the keyboard of the MacBook .

What do you think about the architecture of the new Apple Store in Chicago? Do you think you will have stairs inside as the concepts suggest? Do you plan to visit during your Chicago trip? What is your favorite Apple Store? Share your opinion on social networks and comments.

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