The new Chinese madness is a model of the iPhone 8 for $ 170 -


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Friday, 30 June 2017

The new Chinese madness is a model of the iPhone 8 for $ 170

There are things that only happen in China , such as for a smartphone to be successful, it has to look like the iPhone , as it gives quality image. However it does not necessarily have to be from Apple, since in fact the Oppo R9 - also known as the Chinese iPhone - sells more than the company's original terminal for apple bite. The latest of the Asians has been to put on sale a model of the special edition tenth anniversary that is expected to be called iPhone 8 - although we still do not rule out iPhone X or iPhone Edition - at a modest price.

The hype for the most anticipated terminal of this 2017 is huge, but of course, when you discover that you are going to sell a model of the most grounded rumors - but, after all, speculation - of the iPhone 8 printed in 3D at 170 dollars You are ojiplático , because the model costs more than many Android, which will be loose but at least functional phones, this is still a piece of plastic.

The author of the idea and prototype printed in 3D is a graphic artist who already sold at the time another similar with the Samsung Galaxy S8, so the idea is not so far-fetched if you actually get that amount . Of course, it comes with all the details: in addition to the shape, it has the expected buttons, microphone holes and connections, dual vertical camera, screen that occupies the entire front - although it is not a screen itself - and looks majestic.

Of course, the Touch ID for the moment or trace, we assume that it will be integrated into the screen as we all hope. But useless. If you can not wait and want to have a nice paperweight exclusive three months after the launch of the iPhone 8 , here is the website to buy it . Otherwise, you'd better save that money for the original.

Via | Phone Arena

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