The new concept of jubilee shows iPhone 8 c ceramic case and iOS 11 [video] -


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Monday, 5 June 2017

The new concept of jubilee shows iPhone 8 c ceramic case and iOS 11 [video]

Artist Гульермо Шасипен, inspired by the design of a Galaxy S8 smartphone, crafted the concept of celebrating the flagship of Apple. IPhone 8 model, which runs under iOS 11, lent some of the features of the iPhone 7 and a Samsung smartphone. For this reason, the "infinity" of the screen with the rounded corners is not original of the decision.

IPhone 8 renderers posted on the designer's website at Behance. Serve iPhone 7 design, but the most interest here calls the Retina OLED screen with a Touch ID feature, which takes up virtually the entire front of the phone. That is the main difference novelty of the current models.

The iOS 11 operating system interface works in the Smart Screen adaptation mode. When more space is needed, the content fills the entire screen from the top to the bottom edge. In other cases, the virtual bottom of the bar is displayed with the Home key and function buttons.

The iPhone 8 will ask users for 5.8 inches of screen, the head in the processor, 4 gb of ram, improved support dual camera and black ceramic jet case. On the front panel of the smartphone are spoken with the speaker and the front camera.

The value of the concept, the idea of ​​the designer, is that it allows to compare the iPhone 7 Plus with thick reference frames and a hypothetical "безрамочный" Apple smartphone with the same dimensions. It is assumed that the company got rid of a frame of a new anniversary of the iPhone models.

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