The physical keyboard for iPhone that might have been and never was -


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Monday, 19 June 2017

The physical keyboard for iPhone that might have been and never was

About a couple of days ago, in iPad, we talked about a new book entitled "The One Device: the Secret History of the iPhone" to be published by Brian Merchant. This book tells the secret story of the process of research and development of the iPhone 2007, the first smartphone that changed the world.

Curiously, the book indicates that Phil Schiller came up with the idea of ​​integrating a physical QWERTY keyboard into the iPhone . In fact, it is mentioned that he refused to withdraw his idea until he received a warning from Steve Jobs.

There is nothing wrong with thinking about the idea of ​​a QWERTY keyboard for iPhone. At least not then. By then all mobile phones had a physical keyboard . We all thought it was the best way to write on a mobile. Of course, and as so often has happened in the history of humanity, we were wrong. And who knows, maybe in the future an idea even better than the touchscreen keyboard of today's smartphones ...

Apple revolutionized the mobile phone industry

Just over 10 years ago, Apple reinvented the mobile phone, its engineers intended to create a device that offered more versatility, more functionality and was dedicated to web browsing and audio playback.

Both Phil Schiller and other Apple employees who are credited with the idea of ​​the physical QWERTY keyboard for iPhone deny what happened. But we are sure that the issue was discussed at Apple.

Luckily, the idea never took place. And thanks to that now iOS users have such useful features as keyboard shortcuts, dictation, predictions, QuickType functions, one-handed keyboard, and obviously a method to write much more effective.

Source | Independent

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