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Monday, 19 June 2017

The privacy of what we do daily is something that should worry you. Every day more companies are attacking this to get their own interests. The Internet never had borders and we hope it never has, although rulers of many countries are interested in raising them. The truth is that we have never before been as much in danger as we are today.

It is no longer just a government wanting to cut our freedoms, it is now the same companies that cut them off when it interests them. We just have to see the case of the blockade of Elitetorrent in Spain . Where several operators have blocked access to a page of torrent without a court ruling that required it.

Operators like Movistar or Vodafone have blocked Elitetorrent.net because they thought that the users of this web could happen to use their payment channels ... .and we are sure that few or none of them will be willing to take this step. Rather the opposite, there are many users who would be willing to change company for measures as unfair as this.

The problem is that as time goes by, situations like this will become more and more common. Within a few years, when the data of the pages that we visited are sold among companies as the one who sells a pen can be subrealistas situations. It may not be many years before we have to face the denial of medical insurance for the suspicion of a possible disease before the search for information about it ... is not to be agorero ... are situations with which sooner or later we will have to To deal We will not only have to be careful of what is published in a social network. But we also have to be careful where we navigate.

The problem is that many times our movements through the network are complicated to control. Few people really know what an IP address is , as if asking them to do something to protect it. But the truth is that we must minimize all possible risks.

A fairly simple way, and would only be a first step of the many that we would have to give, is hiding our IP address.

Hiding our IP address, we also hide our trail, which makes it difficult for anyone trying to follow what we do can determine. Hiding our IP address gives us greater security.

How to hide the IP to navigate in a hidden way?

Web proxy

One of the simplest options is to use a Web proxy.

One of the simplest options to hide the IP is to use a webproxy. The operation of this type of services, is quite simple. Instead of our PC / laptop making a request directly to a particular website what is done is a request to the webproxy that will be in charge of making such a request. This webproxy acts by playing the role of an intermediary between your own connection and the network.

This means that if we use a webproxy whose server is in China, our network moves will be recorded as if we were in China.

This option may cause our connections to different web pages to become somewhat slower ... .but you should not forget the previous scheme. We will be navigating through an intermediary.

One of the most famous proxy servers is Proxify .

Proxify works on most web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari ...)

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Another quite popular option today is to use a virtual private network or VPN . Its operation is similar to that of a web proxy, but besides hiding the IP when we visit certain pages offers other advantages. From the first allows to encrypt all the contents that are transmitted, so nobody knows what he is doing.

We can choose between a free or paid VPN. The difference will be in having to endure more advertising and have a slower performance, or gain in speed and stability.

As all communication between our computer and the Internet is encrypted, hackers or anyone interested in spying will not really know what we are doing.


Although in principle these two measures may seem sufficient, the truth is that there are points where the safety when using this type of services is compromised.

TOR was born with the aim of offering a layer of security. Actually its operation is based on adding multiple layers of security, hence its logo is that of an onion.

TOR is undoubtedly the most popular anonymization program you can find on the Internet. It has been operating for many years at full capacity, it is a routing network that tries to hide all the movements it makes through the network, replicating directly to different servers that use the TOR network.

The way you do it is simple and, in turn, very safe. When we use TOR all our data before going on the Internet, they go through several servers that have the mission of making it almost impossible to trace our IP address, evidently also encrypting all the information.

To use it you simply have to download and install the Tor browser on your computer. And use it just like any other browser.

All these little "tricks" allow us to hide the IP address when navigating from any device. Thanks to these methods we can jump unfair blocks and safeguard our privacy as much as possible.

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