The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would arrive in September with a more secure battery -


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Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would arrive in September with a more secure battery

The expected Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would come in September to succeed where its little brother, Note 7 failed. That if our pocket allows it, because its cost would amount to more than 1000 dollars. Yes, more than 1000.

We are getting closer to the summer drought season as far as the telephone market is concerned. The holidays arrive, and implies that we must wait until the end of the year to see the most powerful products of mobile telephony. Therefore, many are waiting for the increasingly filtered Galaxy Note 8 , which would come to succeed where the 7 failed. Now, from the hand of VentureBeat , we know the date we could enjoy it: in September. And we also know its price.

Because Galaxy Note 8 would not fit all pockets, and we do not mean precisely its size. It would reach the market at a modest price of more than 1000 dollars , surpassing records of cost in the history of Android. In addition, we can venture a little more with filtered features, and with them we realize that Samsung does not want to fail again. You will see.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would arrive in September and these are its specifications

Now we know several things, among which are more characteristic, the arrival to markets of Note 8 and its price. Or its possible price, rather. Because on a personal basis, I very much doubt that that is the final cost, unless the Korean firm wants to facilitate the sale of futurible Note 7 Refubished. For now, let's review its characteristics:

  • 6'3 "screen with Edge curvature and 18.5: 9 aspect ratio.
  • Processor Exynos 8895 / Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.
  • 6GB of RAM.
  • Non-removable 3,300 mAh battery.
  • Possible price: more than 1000 dollars, or 999 euros.

Surely more than one has skewed a little the view to see the last two sections. First, for the extremely high cost of over 1000 dollars (specifically, 1,120) and its battery: 3300 mAh. Why is this significant? The price is a hot topic and raises alternate questions. Why such an exorbitant price knowing the catastrophe   Was the Galaxy Note 7? There may be two issues, and both are very worrying: o Samsung wants to encourage the sale of the future Note 7 refurbished, or want to base its marketing strategy on the need to have the latest technology.

Samsung will not play twice, bet on a safer battery

What was the main stumbling block that the Galaxy Note 7 found on its way to success? Its excessive battery of 3500 mAh in a body so small and stylized. The batteries, in addition to being defective, caused that soon to be sold there were occasional explosions between some units. When Samsung realized that Note 7 was a danger, it remitted it from the market unconditionally. A wise decision, but a very big setback.

Note 7 included too much battery in a rather small body: that sentenced him only at the beginning
According to these specifications, the Galaxy Note would have 3300 mAh, 200 less than its deceased predecessor. This implies a logical premise for anyone: Samsung does not want to stumble with the same stone. While the Korean manufacturer has not affected the economic disaster too much, it has in fact damaged its name. The memes went on like gunpowder (sorry) and now, Samsung plays a lot with Note 8. This would balance the balance, and would make profits out of the Galaxy S8 were directly increased with the hypothetical success of Note 8. Put Less battery life, make sure that the problem of faulty batteries is not repeated.

It seems that Samsung wants to go with lead feet, although this contrasts curiously with the already mentioned cost of Note 8. If this is the final price, it should be said that it would be quite difficult to access this terminal, and although it can be considered a good Played in some respects, can be quite wrong to twist things. Only time will tell if Note 8 will satisfy all lovers of this saga of phones so peculiar.

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