The Samsung Galaxy S8 iris eye scanner causes serious vision problems -


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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 iris eye scanner causes serious vision problems

The Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone can cause serious vision problems. The owners of the new South Korean flagship have been informed of this. The discomfort and irritation of the sight organs noticed after using the iris scanner of the eyes.

Biometric scanners are traditionally considered to be convenient and reliable authentication tool, however, with the growing popularity of this way information protection are found Bad points.

According to the owners of Galaxy S8, the use of your smartphone leads to irritation of the eyes. Some users felt severe pain and dizziness after using the iris scanner. They had to deactivate the function and resort to a standard use of the fingerprint scanner.

The representatives of Samsung refused to comment on the complaint, but said that the technology, which insurance users say. Experiments have shown that in the eye shell the protein is extremely sensitive to infrared, uv.

The study showed that the infrared radiation used in the Galaxy S8 scanner, affects the lens. As a result, the person who regularly uses the iris eye scanner, runs the risk of winning cataracts.

Previously, the group of hackers has demonstrated an easy way to fool Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone scanner. To fool a biometric scanner from a smartphone, the attacker is enough to have the normal color printer, contact lens and make a photo photo of the eyes.

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