The screen of the next iPhone 8 will create almost as many detractors as followers -


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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The screen of the next iPhone 8 will create almost as many detractors as followers

It is possible that some begin to think that now that we are just one summer to discover how the next iPhone will be rumors and leaks would stop flowing through cyberspace to keep the surprise factor a little. But no, that will not happen. The rumors do not go on vacation, and today we bring you the last ration that we have served from Weibo . And is that the Chinese social network is one of the main sources of leaks, and have demonstrated again.

The iPhone 8 is one of the phones, if not the phone, that more expectation has been able to create . Perhaps it's because the idea of ​​a total redesign of the iPhone has been around our heads longer than usual, or because its specifications really imply that it will be a spectacular evolution for the line. But what is clear is that we have never wanted to know the look and features of a device like we want with the iPhone 8 . The question is, will it be what we expect?

Apple has to surprise the public with its next phone

At the moment, we can get an idea of ​​the design that will have thanks to the last images that have arrived from Weibo . In them we can see a screen protector that has been designed specifically for the iPhone 8, and lets you see again a few lines reminiscent of those of Essential Phone , the phone created by Andy Rubin. The issue that people are beginning to mention is that keeping a space on the sides of the front camera area and the speaker phone is not something especially "ordinary", and it is not clear how you could use it to improve the experience.

There will be people you like and people you do not, but personally, I think the iPhone 8 should be Apple's most innovative phone. And for this, they must make design decisions that are as far away from what is established , as is the case with this. If it finally comes to fruition and Apple knows how to give it a use to these types of features, it is very likely that they manage to set the trend again , something that would not hurt them after having allowed Samsung to advance in this aspect.

And you, do you think the iPhone 8 should bet on innovation in all aspects?

Via | BGR

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