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Sunday, 25 June 2017

These are the 7 differences between OnePlus 5 and the iPhone 7 Plus

We had weeks with the fly behind the ear by leaks and the presentation on Tuesday 20 cleared us all the doubts: the OnePlus 5 is aesthetically almost the same as the iPhone 7 Plus . It is not the first Chinese smartphone that has strongly inspired the Apple iPhone or be the last, especially considering the reasons why Asian manufacturers do , but could be very expensive, but ask Samsung .

As a picture is worth a thousand words , here you can see its amazing similarity: same outline, shape and finish, dual camera located in the same area, something that also occurs with flash, microphone and antenna bands ... for being Same, they even match the location of the logo on the back.

But no, although the monkey is seen in silk, mona stays . So if you have come to think about buying a OnePlus 5 as a cheap replacement iPhone 7 Plus we want you to read this, the 7 differences between both terminals before making a decision.

The 7 differences between OnePlus 5 and the iPhone 7 Plus

Location of side buttons

While the iPhone 7 Plus has the power button on the right and the volume on the left, OnePlus have chosen to place it just the other way around. Also, in both terminals there is a button to mute the device on the left. Speaking of buttons, the last Home button in the iPhone saga is still circular, but the OnePlus is a rectangle with smoothed corners.


They may look the same, but you have to look under the hood to begin to discover the most remarkable differences : while the iPhone 7 Plus integrates an A10 processor developed by Apple, the OnePlus 5 contains a Snapdragon 835, the same that uses the Samsung Galaxy S8 And we already checked how it was back in terms of speed of execution of daily tasks against the iPhone 6s .

To be understood, any current Android flagship can only be compared in performance to a 2015 iPhone , which gives us an idea of ​​how long the shadow of the iPhone 7 Plus will be in the next few years.

And is that in Android usually boast of benchmarks - in many cases falsified by the manufacturers themselves - and release a clutter of figures to confuse you as they can be your 6GB RAM and others, components that when it comes to truth do not reach the sole Of the shoe of an optimized set such as Apple's , where hardware and software is designed.

Smash Repairs

We continue with the figures ... while the OnePlus 5 promises, the iPhone 7 Plus goes up to 12 and 7 megapixels respectively. But we insist: there is nothing more absurd than comparing two terminals for mere figures , something that takes more force even when we talk about image in which Apple smartphone has wide angle, telephoto, stabilizer ... But as we said before, an image Worth more than thousand words:


As with people, what is important is in the interior . In the iOS ecosystem today we find the current operating system iOS 10, which has already reached almost 90% of the Apple terminal park . This means that 9 out of 10 Apple devices have the most secure, stable, fluid and feature- rich update that Apple has developed for the general public. No one is left behind.

As for Android, the updates are somewhat marginal that are far from covering even half of its smartphone park. That is, many terminals are open to bugs, security breaches and in general, a more open environment in which security is secondary .


While Apple has been named for the third consecutive year as the best company in terms of after-sales service and customer care , whether through its two-year warranty - yes, it's a two-year warranty no matter how much you've heard it's just one - Or offering additional programs like AppleCare, so whatever happens, you can always go to a physical Apple Store or its website or an authorized technical service where their repair and replacement programs are unmatched.

On the other side of the coin is the OnePlus 5, which you can only buy on the Internet through Chinese websites or your own website - which is half translated as a preview of what you can expect from them - something that could get you very Well but in case of processing guarantees you will find an endless number of problems .

Jack connection

During the launch of the OnePlus 5, its manufacturers had no qualms about assuming its resemblance to the iPhone 7 Plus and even brag that your terminal does have a jack connection, as if we were in 2012 .

And yes, it is okay to have a jack to connect a headphones you already have, but neither is it a drama nor should it be a differentiating fact , since you can always buy a bluetooth headset, much more comfortable thanks to the absence of cables, Although they are not AirPods and you prefer other more affordable alternatives .


If you want a OnePlus 5 can be yours from 499 euros through its website, while the iPhone 7 Plus can be achieved for 909 euros. Yes, the difference is remarkable, as is the quality of both . To value if it is worth it is something that we leave to you.

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