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Thursday, 8 June 2017

These are the new rates and storage of iCloud: more space for less money

ICloud is one of the core iOS operating system. Thanks to this service in the cloud, all our bite apple devices are synchronized at the moment , so that we can consult anything in any of them if necessary.

However, the 5GB that come free with the service are a little limited, so many of us have to pay a little more to have more storage capacity. For this reason, Apple has announced the prices of its new plans , which in addition to having more space, have a cheaper price.

You will now have more for less

Despite user pleas for Apple to raise the free 5GB plan to something slightly more spacious, this remained as it was until then. On the other hand, the plan of 1TB has been eliminated, since those of Cupertino have replaced it by one of 2TB. The incredible thing here is that this new plan will remain with the price of the previous one, that is to say: 9.99 dollars .

With respect to the others, it must be said that both the 200GB and the 50GB maintain their usual price, which would be 2.99 and 0.99 dollars respectively .

Active in all regions

The good news is that, in addition to the United States, this change has been made in all countries where the iCloud service is active , so your region will also be included, and those that previously had the plan 1TB will be raised to 2TB for the same price.

Apple is improving a lot of things lately. Between its most affordable iPad variant and the new and refurbished iOS 11 system, it is re-winning the hearts of many. The good news this time is that now you will pay less for more, which is always good .

Do you have any of these payment plans? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | Mac Rumors

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