They tried to copy the iPhone ... and this is the best they got -


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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

They tried to copy the iPhone ... and this is the best they got

10 years ago Apple revolutionized the mobile phone market by launching the iPhone and its optimized operating system, iOS. At the time it received certain criticisms by its design, to be more square of which was taken and the strange distribution of its buttons ... nothing further from the reality: A pple had given a master blow on the table marking a tendency that the Rest struggled to continue with more or less fortune.

A decade later, the smartphone options for all tastes and pockets have been extended thanks to Android , however the Apple iPhone has always been in the imagination of all developers and manufacturers and in some cases have not even cut into copy it Blatantly. Next we review the Android terminals that have been inspired by the smartphone apple bite.

Meizu Pro 6 Plus

Ojito to the smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer Meizu, who has not been hesitant to be inspired by the size, contour, thickness and finish of the iPhone ... but it does not end here the thing: they have got rid of the traditional navigation buttons of Android and even has the 3D Touch of the iPhone 6s .

Oppo R9

It is not known as Chinese iPhone by chance , in fact, in the Asian market even eat the toast to Apple iPhone making it the country's best selling smartphone for fakes par excellence.

Live X9

Another one that also does not fall the face of shame is the smartphone Vivo X9, an almost exact copy of the iPhone 6s that yes, it has 6GB of RAM in its model Plus, processor Snapdragon 625, 64 GB of internal storage and a battery Of 3,050 mAH. Because of course, it may look aesthetically, but the fluency that Apple gets by developing both hardware and software is noted, so Android manufacturers have to add more powerful components to try to live up to . And neither with those.

Umidigi Z

Umidigi's Do not Cut What Does Apple Get Your iPhone 7 (RED) Edition? They too . As you can see, the dual camera and the position of the flash are a tracing of the iPhone 7 Plus.

OnePlus 5

OnePlus's boldness with its upcoming Flagship draws attention that even we could not avoid dedicating a post to it , the imminent OnePlus 5 that soon will see the light and that as a picture is worth a thousand words , with the photograph that crowns this section you can value you Same: finishes, dual horizontal camera, flash position, antenna bands, layout of the logo ... come on, it's almost easier to find the difference : in OnePlus you have just changed the layout of the et voilà buttons !

Of course, we insist: even if the monkey dresses in silk, mona stays . Copying aesthetics is one thing - which in many cases will be accountable to the law - but what is inimitable is the fluidity, stability and security of iOS. There is no rival here.

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