This is Files, the Android feature Apple adopts 9 years later -


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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

This is Files, the Android feature Apple adopts 9 years later

During the WWDC 2017 that Apple did last Monday we had the opportunity to know a huge amount of news on virtually all the physical devices of the company - clearly waiting for the traditional month of September for iPhone - and the brand new IOS 11, the new Apple operating system for iPhone and iPad that brings a huge stack of news , including one long demanded by its users: a kind of file manager or Finder called Files .

With Files it solves the problem of organizing and viewing the documents stored in the terminal and that until now we could only open through applications or downloading applications that came to fill that function. Of course, seemed a necessary measure to be able to manipulate our files and that curiously in Android already had present a whopping nine years, however from Cupertino they were reluctant to adopt it.

Although we saw the WWDC 2017 demo on an iPad, as we can see on our iPhone 7 with iOS 11 beta installed, it will also be available on our favorite smartphone. Everything a success. By the way, as a curiosity, in Castilian will adopt the name of "Archives", as we see in the photo shown below:

What can we do with Files?

Let's not fool ourselves, Apple is rather more restrictive in terms of permissiveness and freedom of users than Android, which has a direct impact on the security of their devices. What does this all mean? Well that unlike Android, where anyone can erase by mistake or ignorance important files for the operation of the terminal, from Apple will ensure to limit the type of document to be manipulated .

With Files we will be able to create folders, copy and paste documents, change one or more files at the same time, put tags and we can also integrate it into third party apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Box. Better late than never .

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