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Sunday, 18 June 2017

This is how Apple repairs the screen of your iPhone

Soon, the iPhone screen will perform even more features than it currently performs . Right now, it is the main method of interaction with the hardware, functioning as both an output device, its ability to display the information we need at any time, and input, thanks to its multi-touch capabilities. But that will not stop there, Apple has more plans for their screens, and could start showing them this year.

In fact, one of the main and most striking rumors that have appeared on the iPhone 8 is related to this component. And is that within a few months could integrate the so famous Touch ID to optimize the design of the next terminals to levels never seen before. It is for this reason, that our care for the screen should be even better than it has ever been before. Why, if we do not treat it with care, we may need our iPhone to go through this process.

Is screen shifting a complicated process or is it less than we think?

In this video of Business Insider , they teach us the "treatment" that our iPhone will have to pass if at any moment it suffers a fault in its screen and, of course, we decided to take it to an authorized dealer to request its repair. On the one hand, we have the replacement of the screen itself, which is still at hand. On the other hand, the device is subjected to a series of adjustments and checks by a machine specially designed by Apple for these cases.

Of course, it does not seem too complicated a procedure for it to be done in a non-official store or at home (if someone has the guts to do it at home), the problem is Horizon . As we have said before, this machine is specially designed to repair our phones and that these remain as they left the factory after repair. Without it, it is very likely that we encounter significant problems in using the device repaired by other means , so it is advisable to follow the manufacturer's instructions when solving these types of incidents, even more knowing the importance that Will take this component in the future.

And you, have you ever needed a replacement screen for your iPhone?

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