This is the new and natural voice of Siri in iOS 11 -


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Thursday, 15 June 2017

This is the new and natural voice of Siri in iOS 11

As we all know, Siri is getting smarter with every update , so it's no wonder IOS 11 is more efficient than ever . So much so that it is not ruled out that he is able to start a conversation with his competitor Alexa . But in addition, Siri has been enhanced with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, giving Apple's personal assistant a much more natural and expressive voice.

As you will hear in the video that we show below, Siri's voice sounds more human, achieving a much better pronunciation and different tones depending on what he is saying. And they are not the only improvements you can discover in this short film.

In iOS 11, Siri uses a learning through all your devices to get a more complete profile of your interests, preferences and routines, because now Siri synchronizes with all of Apple gadgets so that he learns more about you , so Your interactions with Siri will always be the same regardless of whether you're using an iPad, iPhone or Mac.

Now Siri can do things like suggest you a story that might interest you in Safari or suggest a reminder on your calendar for something you have booked in Safari. You can even suggest words based on things you've seen, such as movie names or places to put an example.

Also in iOS 11 Siri has the ability to translate from English into Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish . Although perfectly implemented for HomePod, Siri can also offer you a better musical experience, putting you songs or even giving you answers to questions like "What song is this that sounds?", "Who plays the bass in this band?" theme.

Even now you can not only talk to Siri orally, but you can activate the option to write to him through Settings > Accessibility , something very useful for when talking is not possible.

Attentive to everything Siri can do for you ... and his sweet voice:

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