This is the small print of the end of roaming in the European Union -


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Friday, 16 June 2017

This is the small print of the end of roaming in the European Union

Yesterday, the mainstream media spoke: although the European Parliament has voted in favor of eliminating roaming between the European Union countries for two years, the procedures to make it effective have been delayed until the middle of 2017. So running out to the Starbucks or hotel thirsty for internet connection is over because if you travel the length and breadth of the European continent you can use your mobile network and your data connection without additional cost .

Great news that everyone - especially the most travelers - will benefit. But of course, the big telecom companies do not give away anything - so if you've ever thought that your iPhone would get you thrown away thanks to the commitment of two years, disengage, they are always worth it -, so the question that We must all do is in exchange for what? Or what is the same, where are they going to get the money they lose from roaming that, if you neglected you would get a kidney to check your Facebook?

This is the cost of the end of roaming in the European Union

Until now, the usual practice when traveling in the European Union was to deactivate our data rate and stay as was the world of telephony before the arrival of smartphones: using our phone for calls and SMS. Of course, we always had to use Wi-Fi. Because the reality is that very few would risk roaming or roaming data, which made us pay genuinely abusive amounts for a mega navigation .

But everything has small print. And is that the mobile operators may demand in return a payment for using their navigation services in another country in Europe, yes, that can not be more than 7.70 euros for each gig used. A price higher than what we pay in Spain for our standard rate but light years prior roaming . In addition, this amount will be reduced to 2,50 euros per gig in 2022.

And it is not the only new measure, because during the vote to end roaming also the regulation of net neutrality was approved, ie, operators must treat all traffic equally , without any discrimination or treatment please. In order for us to understand each other, your operator will give you just as much as you spend your megabytes listening to music on Spotify, a Youtube video or maintaining a WhatsApp conversation.

So made the law, made the trap. With the new regulations, providers can offer us special conditions , ie pay more for a higher quality to enjoy some services more quickly, such as watching a movie on Netflix. Come on, you can regulate the traffic as you want, something that will directly affect the quality and price of our connection.

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