This was the first HomePod in history, not Apple. -


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Sunday, 11 June 2017

This was the first HomePod in history, not Apple.

Long before the celebration of Apple's WWDC 17 we already knew most of the details pertaining to the presentation of the HomePod .

The Apple HomePod is a new device that works as a smart speaker and has the built-in Siri voice assistant so users can interact with the product in a much faster and more functional in their homes.

Surely, by now, you've read many reviews and reviews about the new Apple HomePod. You will have discovered its hardware, its software, its design, its audio quality, its potential to revolutionize the market ...

But what you probably still did not know is that the HomePod that Apple introduced at WWDC in San Jose (California) is not the first "HomePod" in history ...

The first HomePod is a robot for the home

This is the HomePod Keecker, an egg-shaped futuristic robot that features a built-in projector to watch your favorite series, movies and TV shows on any surface.

In addition, this HomePod also has a 360 degree camera with which you can take pictures, monitor the temperature, humidity and air quality.

Additionally, and here comes the good (and disturbing) ... this HomePod also plays music!

In its original Kickstarter campaign, the company mentioned it as "the first HomePod in the world". You can imagine his face of surprise and stupefaction after finding out in Apple's WWDC that the Cupertino firm has also called "HomePod" to his music playback device.

In legal terms, we are not clear whether this is a denouncable fact. But it would not be the first time that Apple ends up in court because of patent infringement and / or copyright.

At the moment the HomePod Keecker is not yet available in the market , so Apple in that regard will take advantage . The project was due to come out in 2015, but probably for economic reasons is not yet for sale.

Source | Slashgear

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