This will be the Health revolution in iOS 11 and WatchOS 4: diabetes control, training and much more -


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Sunday, 11 June 2017

This will be the Health revolution in iOS 11 and WatchOS 4: diabetes control, training and much more

Although we have been exploring and knowing the main features of iOS 11 , the reality is that there are a number of native apps that we have not yet come to take the pulse and integrate into our lives. This is the case of the Health app , for which Apple is preparing a revolution that we will see with iOS 11 and WatchOS 4 , that is, if you have an Apple Watch and an iPhone. These include comprehensive control of diabetes and new, more accurate workout routines such as swimming, running, Tai Chi, Mixed Cardio and cycling.

Controlling diabetes to the maximum

Diabetes control is probably the most spectacular of the new features that implement iOS 11 and Watch OS 4 . Among them, it will integrate a function that can be synchronized with devices that control and supply glucose, so that we can monitor how our blood sugar levels are. What's more, even if the battery is low, the control will continue to be carried out.

The name of the app is Dexcom - as the company that supplies the drivers - and once installed in the Apple Watch, it will be possible to connect directly everything related to diabetes without worrying about the battery or connectivity with the iPhone . In addition, these data will be incorporated into the Health app for viewing.

New training routes

Now, besides controlling everything related to duration, steps, calories, etc. Of our training, we will have access to a map with your location to visualize the characteristics of the route and also we will be able to synchronize these maps with other apps of third parties so that if you use another app to control your routines of swimming, running, cycling ... we will be able to control it equally With the smartwatch and the Salud app.

Waist contour and blood oxygen measurement

Another improvement to be implemented in iOS 11 is the control of the measures of contour of our waist , so that we can measure it ourselves and introduce it in Health to control our evolution over time.

In addition, we can also measure the ratio of oxygen inhaled during our workouts thanks to an estimate.

New workouts

If you have ever tried to monitor your workouts you will have seen how in many cases you have to save them as "Others" when you do not find the sport that best fits your routine. That's why Apple has continued to increase its list with Tai Chi, Cardio Mixto and Free Cycling .

Improvements in training and swimming

With iOS 11 and WatchOS 4 will also introduce improvements that allow our swimming rhythm, so that we do not have to stop us when we find ourselves in a break . In addition, third-party apps will be able to turn on the digital crown water lock that causes Apple Watch to ignore notification entries while swimming.

Just as we can pause and summarize our activity in the native app from the side of Apple Watch, now it can also be done from third-party apps.

Via | 9to5Mac

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