This woman is the voice of Siri in Spanish, and yes, she is Basque -


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Saturday, 17 June 2017

This woman is the voice of Siri in Spanish, and yes, she is Basque

Aupa there, lad! What are you up to? This is how we could end up receiving Siri in iOS 11. And is that as we told you yesterday, the new Siri that is integrated into the new operating system for iPhone and iPad, besides being smarter than ever, will have a human voice that will be Much more natural . And what is more natural and spontaneous than a Basque? Ezer, or what is, nothing. Because the Siri in Spanish version is actually called Iratxe Gómez and is from Zamudio, Bizkaia .

Iratxe Gomez is a 43-year-old English teacher who has been the voice of the Apple virtual assistant for iPhone, iPad and Mac since 2010. But it is not her only foray into the world of technology, but she has also put her voice on Numerous GPS for the car . Of course, as his name sounded too Basque (sic), chose to associate the voice "Monica" in the GPS, which is actually his sister. After his long experience urging us to "stay to the right," Apple knocked on his door .

Since then, his life has passed as if he were a rock star: recording phrases of Siri from places as remote as Vitoria, United States, Hong Kong, Beijing, Stuttgart or Barcelona. But Iratxe really is not a lover of technology and was not too clear what Siri was or if it was actually so famous, that's why he was hallucinating when he came across an iPhone on television in which he recognized his voice. Because yes, Iratxe is Basque, it is athletic ... but it can not be perfect: it has an Android .

If someone is wondering how it is possible to record so many words and phrases as to satisfy our desires, trolleos and hours of boredom, the answer is "allophones", each of the sounds that in a language are recognized as a phoneme, that later Are united thanks to advanced verbalization technologies. A true technological prodigy .

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