This would be the iPhone 8 according to OnLeaks -


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Friday, 30 June 2017

This would be the iPhone 8 according to OnLeaks

As we have already mentioned on more than one occasion, OnLeaks is one of the most reliable sources on how much leaks it refers to.

That is why you always have to give a vote of confidence to everything you publish, and how could it be otherwise, the more than expected iPhone 8 could not be less.

Well, during these months we have heard numerous rumors about the device, where we have not only talked about some of its features, but also about its design, one of the parts that most worries Apple fans and that OnLeaks wanted to confirm In a way.

That would be the iPhone 8 according to OnLeaks, one of the most reliable sources of this moment

As you can see in the video, the first thing that stands out is that virtually all of its front would be screen , ie Touch ID would be included in it and not in its back as some rumors said.

Likewise, the device would be smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus, but in turn would have a OLED screen of 5.8 inches , being thus the first iPhone in history to have such technology.

Finally, the rear camera, which would remain dual, would move from horizontal to vertical, a measure that as we have told you on other occasions, would have been taken due to increased reality, one of the main features of iOS 11.

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