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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Those who have become rich thanks to Apple greet you

The App Store was launched in 2008 for which it was the company's flagship iPhone 3G at the time. Despite being a little reticent at first, A pple managed to have the support of the community and get more and more applications to your store .

Today, the Cupertino have announced that since the launch of the App Store the developer community has made more than 70 billion in profits , a figure not to be despised.

Most popular categories

Because Apple takes 30% of the profits in the App Store, both for sale of apps as well as the payments within these, it is very likely that this figure exceeds 100 billion dollars in total .

According to Cupertino, application downloads have increased by 70% in just 12 months, with the category of Games and Entertainment leading the way . In the category of Health, we could see a growth of 70% last year, and next to it, the category of Photography and Video would take a 90% increase at the same time.

Earnings and more earnings

In the quarterly results that Apple presents from time to time, we could see how the App Store had 40% more profits year after year, but did not present conclusive results. In addition, the company added that thanks to games like Super Mario Run or Pokémon GO, the App Store had suffered a significant positive boost .

The latest gains from the App Store were introduced in August 2016, the month in which Tim Cook announced that this store had generated $ 50 billion in profit for developers.

The App Store is one of the most important things that made the iOS ecosystem grow. Being the central axis of intelligent devices today, it is normal to see these immense numbers from time to time .

What do these numbers look like? Leave your answer in the comments!

Via | MacRumors

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