Throwing an iPhone over the toilet has never been so profitable -


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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Throwing an iPhone over the toilet has never been so profitable

One of the last declarations of Tim Cook in the sales of the ** iPhone 7 ** left no doubt: the leaks hurt Apple and therefore, has set out to root them. And is that Cook ensures that if they sell less iPhone 7 than expected is because of the huge hype that has generated the launch of the iPhone 8 to be produced in September ... that have innovated so little in their last flagship seems not to be a problem in Cupertino .

But the reality is that the leaks annoy Apple a lot, so much so that the British media The Outline has got a recording of a tense meeting between more than 100 Apple workers discussing the subject. With three members of Apple's security team as the meeting's singing voices, it clearly spells out how it's going to be dealt with from now on to avoid leaks to the fullest. Little joke with this, those in charge of materializing the operation are neither more nor less than former workers of the FBI and other American intelligence services.

Obviously, replacing their human workers with robots as much as possible is a measure that is already being implemented in general in any susceptible sector and technological is no exception. But, among the common practices that must be combated among workers is that many of them keep components in their underwear to take advantage of a visit to the bathroom, throw them by the toilet , so that can collect in the sewers.

It is not a trivial issue since it is estimated that before the launch of the iPhone 5C Apple itself had to buy in the Chinese black market 29,000 product boxes , where you can know in detail how the new iPhone will be. There is nothing.

Contrary to what can be intuited initially, the problem now lies more in its own factories than in the supply chains , that is, its Asian suppliers. In fact last year there were more leaks from the campus than from factories.

And why do both Apple workers and their suppliers risk themselves? Obviously, it's all about money, and everything that surrounds the bite apple and specifically the iPhone is terribly quoted, so it is not surprising that they risk their jobs to changes of succulent sums of money. But Apple is going to make it harder and harder.

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