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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Tired of GO Pokémon? Pokéland is the new thing of Nintendo

After the incredible success of Pokémon GO on iOS and Android, Nintendo wants to expand its legendary franchise with another mobile game called Pokéland.

Pokéland will be a kind of combination between Pokémon GO and Rumble Pokémon with improved graphics and frantic duels.

In Pokéland you will have the opportunity to collect creatures and possibly fight in exciting online multiplayer battles in 3D.

Pokéland is expected to launch on both iOS and Android. Requires Internet connection to play and also uses your Nintendo Account.

For now, the game Pokéland will be launched today on Android as alpha test version . That is, only 10,000 lucky players will have the chance to play.

Pokéland players will have 6 islands, 52 different scenarios, 15 levels and 134 Pokémon creatures to collect. However, they will not be able to transfer their accumulated data until the official application is submitted.

Pokéland Gameplay on Android

Next we share with you a video where you can see one of the first gameplay of YouTube of Pokéland.

Unlike most titles in the Pokémon saga, in Pokéland players will have the ability to physically control each of their Pokémon's movements , not only in attack but also in defense and at the time of exploring.

Unfortunately, it is not known when its official launch will take place on iOS and Android . But from iPadizate we will be attentive to any news to inform our readers about the new game of Nintendo.

Nintendo, it seems, still relying on the potential that Pokémon can offer the company . Super Mario Run was not as successful as Pokémon GO, but you have to keep in mind that the functions of augmented reality caused a real stir among the players.

What do you think about the new Pokémon game? Is it a risky bet? Will it be as successful as Pokémon GO?

Source | The Next Web

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