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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Tricks to quickly charge the battery of any iPad

More than once we have connected our iPad to the stream with less than 10% battery and we have observed how it takes several hours to reach 100%. This is due to the large size of battery used by the iPad, because if this battery was smaller, it would not be able to withstand 10 hours of use without feeding.

For many iPad users, it is a big problem that our tablet takes all day to fully load. If we need to take her on a trip and she does not have enough cargo, we may be in a bind.

What do I do to quickly charge my iPad?

To speed up the loading of your iPad - whether it's Air, Mini or Pro - I recommend a series of tricks that will reduce your device's load time considerably , allowing you to use it as soon as possible.

Turn on airplane mode

This is a basic trick for all devices. If you want to load your iPad a little faster, activate the airplane mode. When this mode is activated, all the antennas of your device (Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, GPS ...) are turned off. What does this mean? Having such antennas disabled will not consume power while the terminal is being charged, thus allowing a much faster charge.

Do not use it

If you want your iPad to load quickly, leave it at rest and do not touch it. Not turning on the screen is already a very important battery saving , think that such a big screen should consume a lot! And if we add that the processor will not have to increase its load in no time, the iPad will consume much less and will be charged sooner. If you want to load your iPad even faster, it's best to keep it off, since if the iPad is not consuming absolutely no energy, it will charge much faster.

If you have to use the iPad, do not force it

If you really have to use the iPad, do not overload it with programs or very heavy games . You can also turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and data whenever you do not use them. Finally, it should be added that it can be very useful to lower the brightness of the screen and close all applications in the background.

Charge it with your adapter

The iPad comes with a wall adapter with the power perfect for it. Always use that adapter, any other one of less power will cause a very slow load . This also applies when loading it into a PC USB port, as these do not have enough amperage (in most cases) to charge the iPad.

Personally, I love the battery life of the iPad, but when it comes to charging it takes its time. Apple is likely to decide to add a quick charge to the iPad in the future . But until then, these tricks can get you out of a hurry and help you load your iPad faster.

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